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Zhongtong Times Haoyuan Project

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The Zhongtong Times Haoyuan developed by the company is the image project of Liaocheng Government. It is located on the axis of Liaocheng City. It starts from Wangkou Bridge in the east, Xiangyang Road in the west, Dongchang Road in the south and Xinghua Road in the north. It covers an area of ​​about 35. 10,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​380,000 square meters, consisting of more than 50 multi-storey and small high-rise buildings. The geographical position of the residential area is excellent, the ancient canal runs through it, and the scenic tourist attractions such as Yuanfan Square, Dongchang Lake and Guangyue Building are adjacent to each other. Beiguan Commercial Street runs through the north and south, and multiple bus lines stop, and the original culture, education, medical care, Entertainment and other living facilities are readily available. In line with the comprehensive and comprehensive property management provided by Zhongtong Times Property Management Company, the company will turn Zhongtong Times Haoyuan into the most high-end commercial and residential community in Liaocheng. We are in line with the service concept of quality customer surprise and service to customers. With a century-old, quality-oriented quality concept, we will lead the life. The Zhongtong Times Haoyuan project has become a milestone in the development of Liaocheng real estate. The Zhongtong Times Haoyuan project developed by the company has won the honorary titles of “Top 50 Qilu Famous Brand” and “Silver Award of Excellent Provincial Residential District”.


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