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Shandong Times Zhongtong Real Estate
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Shandong Times Zhongtong Real Estate Co., Ltd., formerly known as Liaocheng Zhongtong Times Real Estate Co., Ltd., was transformed into a private enterprise by a state-owned joint venture company in 2011. The company's business address is located at No. 83, Huanghe Road, Liaocheng Economic Development Zone, registered capital. The gold is 57 million yuan and is mainly engaged in real estate development, operation and sales.

The company's philosophy is:

  Honest and trustworthy Casting quality products. In the second five-year plan, the company's goal is to develop the company from the original professional real estate development, and gradually establish the three major industries of real estate development, architectural garden and industry. Business structure. In the next five years, enterprises will mainly solve four major strategic problems: the first is the adjustment of business structure; the second is the management of enterprise management and the management of technology; the third is the introduction and cultivation of talents. The fourth is to open up large capital financing channels.

    Xu Liwen, chairman and legal representative of the company, has been engaged in the real estate industry for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience in real estate management. The company has departments such as engineering budget department, finance department, marketing department and enterprise management department.

    Since the establishment of the company, under the correct decision-making of the company's decision-making level and the joint efforts of all employees, the main business has achieved rapid development, and has successfully developed the “Leading City” project and “Leading City”. The project, the “Guanxian Yuhecheng” project, the “Yuping Wanhe Homeland” project, the “Times Zhongtong·Capital” project and the “Times Zhongtong·Gaoyuan” project have completed a total development of 3 million square meters. . Over the years, enterprises have continuously improved their management systems for development, updated social concepts, and established the concept of creating profits through brand and developing with quality. From 2013 to 2017, Liaocheng Industrial and Commercial Bureau It was awarded the honorary title of “Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable”, “Liaocheng Advanced Construction Unit”, “Liaocheng City Safe Housing Construction Key Unit” and “Integrity Property Commitment Unit”. After rapid development in recent years, the company has concentrated and refined a number of professional and technical talents in the real estate industry while making a strong financial strength. In planning, design, construction and construction, we have accumulated rich experience in various aspects such as cost control and marketing, effectively evading, preventing and controlling business risks for enterprises, and further improving management and management. And the market competitiveness has laid a solid foundation, and the company has a good development prospect.