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1. On September 10, 2003, the Zhongtong Times Haoyuan Project was awarded the Energy Conservation Demonstration Community by the Provincial Department of Education.
2. In May 2005, the Provincial Construction Department issued a provincial wall renovation and building energy conservation pilot project.
3. In October 2005, Zhongtong Times Haoyuan Project won the top 50 of Qilu Mingpan
4. In October 2005, the Zhongtong Times Haoyuan Project was awarded the Silver Award of the 3rd Excellent Residential Community by the Provincial Construction Department.
5. In 2006, the company won the “Best Brand of People's Reputation”
6. In May 2007, Zhongtong Times Haoyuan and Yihe Jiayuan Project were rated as “Excellent Residential Community” by the Municipal Housing Management Bureau.
7. In 2007, I won the “Liaocheng Consumer Trustworthy Unit”
8. In 2009, he won the "People's Reputation Brand"
9. In 2010, the company’s Lingxiu City project won the “Provincial Garden Community”
10. In 2011, we won the “2011 Consumer Trustworthy Unit”
11. In 2011, the judge of the Liaocheng Construction Committee was “Liaocheng Advanced Construction Unit”
12. In 2011, the company developed Zhongtong Times Haoyuan Community, Qihe Jiayuan and Lingxiu City Community, which were judged by the “Provincial Property Management Advanced Community”.
13. In 2012, Shandong Times Zhongtong Real Estate Co., Ltd. was awarded “Shandong Province Spiritual Civilization Management Unit”