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General policy: Be a good person, do things with your heart, be close to your heart, and return to your life with high efficiency

Enterprise Mission: Sincerity is the highest, the pursuit of excellence

Corporate mission: Continuously create value for the benefit of human society

Values: integrity, loyalty, pragmatism, innovation

Corporate Vision: Leading the way of living and creating the industry leaders in the region

Corporate philosophy: business philosophy: honest and trustworthy, sincere service

Brand concept: Advance with the times, pursue excellence

Management philosophy: people-oriented, German-made enterprises

Quality concept: first make character, then make product;

Marketing concept: help customers succeed and achieve development and win-win

Service concept: starting from the initiative, finally satisfied

Employing the concept: both ability and political integrity, suitable for the job

Learning philosophy: continuous learning, continuous beyond

Training concept: continuously improve employee value and build core competitiveness

Safety concept: safety first, post production, unsafe, no production

Talent concept: Everyone is a talent, can also be able to

The concept of survival: always fighting, always standing on thin ice

Cost concept: When using a lot of use, it is useless

Leadership concept: continuous innovation, people-oriented

Employee concept: self-management, self-transcendence

Enterprise spirit: dedicated and dedicated professionalism

          Enterprising spirit of advocating knowledge and pursuing progress

          Obey the law, be honest and self-disciplined

          Teamwork for unity, cooperation and development