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Shandong Fangtong Wenda new material
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Shandong Fangtong Wenda New Material Co., Ltd., as a building materials company under the Fangtong Group, invested and built a factory in Dulangkou, Zhangping in April 2019. It is a professional manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy sun room, broken bridge and non-broken bridge windows and doors. , plastic steel doors and windows as one of the modern joint-stock enterprises. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan and a factory building of 3,000 square meters, it can produce 100,000 square meters of aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and windows. The products are widely used in real estate development, industrial plants, office buildings and other projects.
The company has domestic advanced high-end equipment, technology, complete and scientific quality management system, sufficient supply capacity and strong production technology guarantee, and diversified product varieties. The company insists on quality-oriented, service-oriented, with reference to European style, allowing products to be favored by consumers and designers from design, research and development, production, packaging to product sales. For the company's market business expansion, join the company's brand stores to create competitive barriers.
      The real estate development enterprise “Shandong Times Zhongtong Real Estate Co., Ltd.” under the Fangtong Group is a strategic cooperation unit of our company, ensuring that the company has a stable market.
The company plans to use three to five years to build Shanfang Tongwenda into an influential building materials processing enterprise in the province and contribute to the development of local economy!